Do YOU really love charcuterie?

It's safe to say that 2020 was the year of charcuterie. It didn't take long for this aesthetically pleasing craze to spread across Instagram and the internet, but do you really love it? Or better yet, do you understand it?

With the beauty of a thoughtfully curated platter comes the hesitation to disrupt the masterpiece. I have often found that friends and family patiently wait until somebody else took that anticipated first bite. I've always wandered if that's due to politeness or simply not knowing what to do with such a thing.

This is where I come in ~ Hey!

To me, charcuterie is so much more than just a beautiful trend, it is my favourite form of artwork with endless possibilities of flavour, experience and enjoyment. I want you to savor every single bite as much as I do, but it's going to take A LOT of cheese and wine... do you think you can handle that? I had a feeling you'd say yes.

The Power Of Cheese

I'm often asked what my favourite thing about charcuterie is, and the answer is so simple. Cheese has the power to truly bring people together and create an atmosphere that is so much bigger than just 'a snack'. Call me crazy but I believe cheese can represent love, friendship, gratitude, and adventure.

You may not realise it, but we see it whilst celebrating our most memorable moments, we appreciate it when it's gifted to us in thanks, we cook with it on our favourite holidays and we remember it from the good old days where lunchables were the be all and end all. Now, it's time to understand it completely - so grab your wine cork, put down your bag of shredded colby jack blend (no hate to the colby), head over to @_Thatperfectbite and get your palette ready for a journey like no other!

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  • I must agree I love cheese and charcuterie!

    Jacob Mertic

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