Pumpkin Lovers Platter

Pumpkin Lovers Platter

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Start your thanksgiving off right with our Thanksgiving pumpkin lovers platter. Embrace all your favorite flavors of fall including cinnamon, maple, pumpkin and cranberry! There's nothing better than getting your tastebuds fried up with aged gouda, vintage white cheddar, fruity goat cheese, crumbly toscano and creamy danish blue cheese alongside all of the perfect accompaniments. 

Sizes Available: 

Appetizer:                Serves 2 - 4 (Dimensions 10 x 10") 

Family Board:           Serves 8 - 12 (Dimensions 14 x 14") 

The Social:               Serves 12 - 18 (Dimensions 16 x 16") 

Get Together:           Serves 20 - 25 (Dimensions 20")