Catchin' up with Cabernet

Catchin' up with Cabernet

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Picture yourself sitting by the fire on a warm summer night, a bottle of cab in hand and all the perfect flavour accompaniments on your platter in front of you - now that's what I call a date night! There's no better way to highlight the elegance and complexity of a cabernet sauvignon than with the savoury, salty and nutty elements of our Catchin' up with Cabernet tasting series! 


The People's Platter Tasting Details: 

Cheese: Truffle gruyère, Manchego & aged cheddar 

Charcuterie + antipasto: Italian dry salami & cornichons 

Jams: Plum chutney & clover honey  

Freshness: Grapes, raspberries, blackberries & blueberries 

Sweetness: Dried figs & dark chocolate pretzels 

Crunch: Roasted almonds & crackers


Includes: Your very own slate board, mini honey jars & honey dipper! 

(Wine & cheese knives not included)

Serves: 2