WDRB Voucher Information

Hi there! 


Thank you for purchasing your $30 voucher from WDRB - we can't wait to serve you. Here is some additional information regarding the validity of your voucher:

  • Your voucher is for the value of $30 USD purchased through WDRB for $15 USD.
  • Your voucher is valid for one (1) use over a twelve (12) month period of time.
  • Your voucher is valid from 06.04.2020 through to 06.03.2021.
  • Your voucher code CAN NOT be shared with others. This code is valid for the purchaser only for the total of one (1) use per purchaser.
  • Your voucher is not required to have a minimum purchase for use.
  • Your voucher is not restricted to any size or theme of platter. 
  • Your platter purchased with your voucher can be personalized and customized similar to any normal purchase through The People's Platter. 
  • If your voucher code is shared, all future orders with The People's Platter will not be accepted. 

Your voucher is not valid for the following dates due to holiday/peak periods: 

  • Independence Day Friday July 3rd & Saturday July 4th 2020
  • Labor Day Monday September 7th 2020
  • Thanksgiving Thursday November 26th 2020
  • Christmas Day Friday December 25th 2020
  • New Years Day Friday January 1st 2021
  • Memorial Day Monday May 31st 2021


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your voucher validity, please do not hesitate to contact us!